Vannpax 1001 M/A Cartoning Machine

Vannpax is proud to showcase the unique 1001 M/A machine that our in-house engineering design team created.

We successfully launched this machine in November 2019 and have already installed similar equipment for satisfied customers.

This machine is available in an automatic (A) and manual (M) mode.

Machine Specifications

The Model 1001-M/A machine was developed and designed for the entry-level market to close Display Cartons with an automatic Gluing System. It comes in two variants:


1001-Manual Machine

Operators need to load the pouches or product manually into the cartons and place the cartons with the top flap open onto the infeed guides and then push the cartons manually forward or they can place open cartons on an infeed conveyor. The “product present” sensor will detect the carton in the forming box and the glue will be applied automatically onto the glue-flaps. The carton will be pushed into the forming box to close the flaps and the next cycle will began.


1001-Automatic Machine

Pick and place unit, with vacuum suckers, will erect carton from the carton magazine and the carton will be placed open and ready for loading of the product. Product will be loaded with a linear infeed system automatically into the
opened carton. The carton pusher with a linear system will push the carton forward and the flaps will be closed automatically. The glue will be applied automatically onto the flaps while the carton is moved forward by the linear system. The glued carton will be pushed into the forming box to close the top flaps.

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Automatic Machine

Manual Machine